Wall Art For Schools

Inspire pupils, staff and visitors with school wall art, making the school environment a visually interesting, positive and informative place to learn.

Creating inspiring graphics

We work to themes, create timelines, maps and other learning aids to design bespoke school wall art that will inspire learning and transform the school environment.

Choose from full one-wall wall graphics to graphic panels of varying sizes, including full floor to ceiling graphics.

We partner with one of the best printer/installers in the region, ensuring that our intended look and feel is printed and installed to a very high quality.

We take your design brief and let our creative juices flow to come up with exciting graphics.

Designs are used as learning aids, others are to trigger the memory and encourage inspired thinking.

Robert-Smyth-Academy-Wall-Art-For Schools

Themed classroom designs

One of three graphics designed for an English classroom, this particular graphic was installed at floor to ceiling height.


Compelling images to inspire learning

We get into the learning material and select key aspects of the writings to feature in the visuals.