Harborough District Council

Local tourism campaign design

The Harborough District Council were looking for a distinctive and unique style for the launch of a new tourism campaign for the District. We created bespoke illustrations of the local landmarks, museums and theatres and built a design style with assets, these were used across various applications for the campaign.

The main deliverable for the campaign, issued in all the tourist buildings across the district.

A mini-guide follow up meant that the key information could be distributed more easily and cost effectively by post and used for hand-outs.

Posters are seen at local train stations, within theatres, museums and public buildings to encourage and inform visitors to the area to visit a number of local attractions.

Assets were created in the illustration style and used within communications on social media platforms and the council website, tying together the campaign.


The creation of a versatile illustration style

The bespoke illustration style created for the campaign made the communications consistent and distinctive.


Visualising local landmarks

Local landmarks such as Foxton Locks and Sir Frank Whittle’s Jet in Lutterworth were illustrated in the design style.