Global manufacturer of precision engineered components

Inventors of the coiled spring pin

In 1948 Herman Koehl, an engineer and founder of SPIROL, designed the coiled spring pin, used in a number of industries ever since, including automotive and furniture design.

We have worked with the company creating designs for print and exhibitions that have been used across Europe.

The design of various exhibition stands, pop-ups, material stands and shell schemes.

A variety of modern and retro graphics printed on canvas or framed to brighten up office spaces and inform employees and visitors.

A1 product information posters, distributed to customers across Europe by the sales team.

Including the UK staff handbook where the project included a photoshoot, document design and printing.


Retro artwork prints

The design of artworks to be positioned around the UK head offices. A retro design was created influenced by a selection of original SPIROL graphics from the 1970s and 80s.


A nod to the companies history

Elements of original drawings were taken and developed into these decorative retro prints.