JP Building

Domestic, commercial and restoration

Promoting a local business

JP Building came to Little Gem Creative at a stage where they were already an established local business but had no logo and branding or online presence. We worked together to create a personalised style and to make sure they are found more easily on local Google searches. This has resulted in the business being inundated with enquiries, they are now busier than ever before.

A personalised logo was designed around the letters ‘JP’ using a handwritten typographic logo mark, this was then combined with other elements to create different logo variants for use in print and online.

A colour palette, fonts and secondary graphics were created to support the logo and firm up the brand, this was supplied in a brand guidelines document.

By creating a simple and effective one-page website that shows all necessary information, visitors are informed of the work JP Building do and their experience.

The branding was used to design vehicle livery for vans and trucks, keeping everything designed consistent with the new guidelines.


Hand drawn design

A personalised hand drawn logo mark bringing together the letters ‘J’ and ‘P’ (JP Building).


Roundel design

A versatile design for both print and digital applications.


Combination logo

A layered approach to use where it fits best, e.g. website main logo.