A British clothing company inspired by country lifestyles.

Autumn retail design campaign

When asked to put forward a concept for the autumn collection of Joules Clothing, the brief asked for a campaign design with all the assets to cover shops and retail spaces of varying shapes and sizes. The design was influenced by the likes of Orla Kiely and Henri Matisse, using simplified organic shapes from nature during the autumn season.

Time was spent to understand the Joules brand, the clothing style and customers.

A visual identity system was created for the campaign, selecting a suitable colour palette, fonts and secondary graphics.

An illustrative style was created for the in-store graphics, displays and props.

A full double window display was visualised to see how the graphics work in their intended space. These included 3D backdrops and individual leaf graphics that are to be scattered randomly within display areas.


Campaign branding

The colour palette was selected with autumn influences mixed with the Joules brand.


Versatile graphics

The leaves and tree designs were designed to be used in three different ways, as 3D in store cut-out backdrops, as 2D scattered leaf graphics and using the abstract shapes as window stickers and other messaging devices.


Design influences and research

These three areas combined to provide the inspiration and influences behind the finished designs.


Secondary graphics

When creating a campaign we build a tool kit of design elements that communicate a consistent style across all applications.


We created a retail design campaign for the launch of the Joules autumn collection, providing campaign brand elements to be used within UK stores.