Work Live Leicestershire (WiLL)


Work Live Leicestershire (WiLL)


Leicestershire based charity

Work Live Leicestershire (WiLL) was a project that supported rural Leicestershire residents back into work, training, volunteering and self-employment. These two reports marked the end of the project and were designed to share what was learnt in the form of a Good Practice Guide and to point out future priorities for other charities and organisations that you may find on the VISTA website.

Little Gem Creative worked with KMB Consulting and Illustrator Joel Cooper to create the content, illustrations and design of two charity report documents.

We took the basic elements of the Work Live Leicestershire brand and developed the design elements to enhance the visual identity.

Joel’s illustrations were originated at a workshop event and completed in his studio. The combination of the bespoke illustrations and the WiLL branding became the visual content to present the reports to the readers.

report design

Brochure layout design

A typographic hierarchy was defined as part of the branding style. Other elements included pull-out quote boxes, background watermarks and page folios.

bespoke illustration

Bespoke illustration

Samples of the illustrations that started life in the workshop and then were developed in the Illustrators studio using the iPad Procreate app.