Mill Hill Interiors

Rebranding an Established Furniture Design and Build Firm

Our client, Mill Hill Interiors, approached us with a desire to update their branding and website. They were shifting from targeting commercial markets towards more localised domestic markets, and wanted a new look and feel that was lighter and airier than their previous dark and artistic branding.

Brand logo with rationale

Brand Identity with Consulting

After conducting a deep-dive consultation into the brand, we identified an opportunity to tell the Mill Hill Interiors story through a logo mark that had a narrative. Since the business is situated on an old mill site on a hill, we designed an abstract geometric logo mark that represents the location in a playful and simplified manner.

brand logo mark

The typography is clear and legible, with an open font and a smile beneath, with the word “Interiors.” Our consulting services allowed us to develop a brand identity that perfectly aligned with our client’s needs.

Website sample page

Website Design

With the brand identity established, designing the website became easier since the fundamental design decisions were already in place. We developed an interactive wireframe of the website for the client to check before adding content, ensuring everyone was on the same page before proceeding.

Website sample page

Once the wireframes were agreed upon, we populated the home page with content and signed it off before completing the rest of the website pages. After thorough testing and final client feedback, we launched the website. Our website design services brought the brand to life on a digital platform.

SEO Copywriting

High-quality SEO copywriting is crucial to building a successful and effective website. We follow a simple process, including keyword research, planning, and mapping, to define a list of keywords the brand will be found for when people do a search.

Our brief for our copywriters is to utilise the keyword research and brand strategy we have in place, this is to ensure that the strategy is continued through to the writing of strong organic search content.

By also following on-site SEO practices like alt-tags and image descriptions, we ensure every website we build increases visibility and website traffic.

Our SEO copywriting services helped increase the brand’s digital presence and exposure.

Process and Services

The Results

Our services included consulting, planning, and delivery, brand identity design, website wireframes, website design and build, and SEO copywriting.

We successfully designed a unique new brand identity aimed at a domestic audience, applied it to a new website populated with search-friendly content, and increased visibility and website traffic.

Our comprehensive approach allowed us to deliver an effective branding solution that catered to our client’s changing target market and preferences while optimising their digital presence.